Frequently Asked Questions

How can I hang my hammock outdoors?

You have several options:
The recommended height from the ground for placement of the hooks or straps is between 4 and 5 feet for spreader bar hammocks and 5-7 feet for non-spreader bar hammocks (they bow more in the center, so ends need to be higher!)

If you have TWO TREES:
The optimal distance between two trees is 14-17 feet for most hammocks. But if you have a little less, don’t worry, just adjust the chain or tree straps accordingly. If you have more space, you can also adjust to fit larger spans. If you have a larger span, you might need to add some additional chain, but you will be able to hang your hammock providing you have the height.

If you have ONE TREE:
No worries! If you only have one tree or the span between your trees is just not right, you have a few choices. You can buy a 4 x 4 piece of lumber and plant it in the ground with a concrete base. You can also use the side of your house or a fence post as a second point of support. Last Option, check out our stands!

If you have NO TREES:
You are in luck! You have the option of purchasing one of our fantastic hammock stands. We offer a variety of styles, sizes and shapes. You can use two 4×4 posts as described above. Check out our Hammock Stand Selection or give us a call at 800-778-6698 and we will help you find a way to hang your hammock!

What is the difference between the Cotton and Polyester Rope Hammocks?

Cotton rope is a natural fiber and as such is typically softer than the polyester rope. Its color is more natural looking than polyester. Polyester rope is a synthetic fiber and as such stands up better than cotton rope when the hammock is left out in the rain and moisture for extended periods of time. The polyester rope is also a bright white color as opposed to the natural white color of the cotton rope.

What is the difference between the Pawleys Island Rope Hammocks and the Hatteras Rope Hammocks?

Hatteras Hammocks and Pawleys Island Hammocks are two of the top quality hammock brand names on the market today. Both brands are manufactured by The Hammock Source headquartered in Greenville, North Carolina.

Pawleys Island Hammocks is located and manufactures rope hammocks in the town of Pawleys Island on the coast of South Carolina, just south of Myrtle Beach SC on Route 17.

Hatteras Hammocks is located in and manufactures hammocks, swings and stands in Greenville, North Carolina.

Together the companies have over 100 years combined experience in making quality hammocks and swings. Both brands are made from the same materials and with the same dedication to quality. Both brands use the solid oak spreaders and specially made three ply rope available in cotton or polyester. The acrylic fabric hammocks are made with top quality “Sunbrella” acrylic fabric for long outdoor wear.

So why the two brand names?

Well, there are a lot of hammock brands out there, but millions of people world-wide know the brand names of Hatteras Hammocks or Pawleys Island Hammocks. These names are synonymous with quality and customer satisfaction. So choose the one you know. You can trust that the quality and workmanship is still there.

There are some subtle differences in the two brands, however.

The Pawleys Island Hammock has a signature “bent” or “curved” oak spreader bar while the Hatteras Hammock has a straight spreader bar. Pawleys Island places a brass logo name plate on the spreader bar while Hatteras brands the logo on the oak bar with a wood burning brand. Other than that, everything is identical. Sizes are all standard as far as length and width. All stands and hammocks are interchangeable. And of course the quality is the very best in either the Hatteras or the Pawleys Island hammock.

If my hammock appears too short for the stand, how do I make it work?

Verify that the size of the hammock and the stand are compatible, i.e., a deluxe or large hammock requires a large stand (15′ Length). If your hammock and stand are compatible, the appearance of the hammock being “too short” for the stand is due to the fact that the hammock, when first out of the packaging, is in an “unstretched state.” With the first use, the hammock will usually stretch out about 1 to 2 feet . You may need to use a small extension of chain during the initial hanging. Once the hammock is hung and you have been able to sit in the hammock, stretching will occur and the hammock then should fit the stand properly. Enjoy!

How do I touch up my stand?

Automotive touch-up paint can be used to cover any exposed metal to inhibit rust.

How do I clean my hammock?

Spreader Bar Rope hammocks – mild solution of soap and water in a bath tub, then air dry. Try to keep the spreader bars out of the water as much as possible.

Quilted or Acrylic hammocks – mild solution of soap and water and use a scrub brush. Hose off completely, then air dry. Also, bleach or spot remover can be used for problem areas.

Non-Spreader Bar Hammocks – Hand Washing or Dry cleaning is best, but most can be machine washed (gentle cycle) but need to be placed first in a tied pillow case or stockings bag. Also tie the hammock’s ends together to prevent tangling, then air dry.

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