Hatteras Hammock Large Tufted Hammock- Integrated Pewter

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  • Sunbrella is water resistant and will not fade
  • DuraCord is resistant to staining and fading
  • Hardware is made of zinc plated steel
  • can easily hold two people comfortably
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Neutral tones and a unique pattern, the Integrated Pewter Large Tufted Hammock creates a one-of-a-kind hammock that will fit into any outdoor space. Using Sunbrella fabrics, we handmake each hammock right here in the USA. Our use of Sunbrella fabric allows for a soft, comfortable hammock that’s also incredibly durable, being resistant to fading, stains, mold, mildew, and rot.

Two thick Cumaru spreader bars provide a wide, sturdy bed to lay in. Some of the hardest and densest wood on the planet, Cumaru naturally ages from a warm, golden brown to a cool, coastal silvery grey with time, creating a unique look that can’t be matched. To hang the hammock we provide zinc-plated steel hanging hardware. It’s strong, durable, and provides a safe, worry-free way to hang your hammock.

Featuring an included matching hammock pillow, the Integrated Pewter tufted hammock can support up to 2 people, providing you and that special someone with a place to relax and escape your everyday worries.

Materials and Manufacturing

Sunbrella Fabric
Not only is the craftsmanship of our hammocks the highest level of quality, we choose to use the highest quality outdoor fabrics and materials as well. Therefore, we choose Sunbrella performance fabrics. Sunbrella branded fabric is the leader in outdoor fabric. It is 100% solution dyed acrylic, which means the fibers of the fabric are dyed in a color before they are woven into fabric. Sunbrella is not printed or dyed after the fabric is made. Sunbrella is water resistant and will not fade. You can even soak it in bleach and the color will remain the same.

Duracord Rope
DuraCord rope is used for the ring knots. This binds the bed of the hammock to the spreaderbar and ultimately connects the hammock to the stand or tree. Duracord itself is expressly designed to be weather-tough, and is resistant to abrasion, rot, mold and mildew, yet is nonetheless as soft as cotton to the touch. Our three-ply DuraCord rope is precision-wound to exceed even U.S. military specifications for strength, and because the rope is solution-dyed, it’s also resistant to staining and fading. In fact, there’s no more colorfast rope available today.

Each hammock features two thick Cumaru spreader bars. Amongst the hardest and densest woods on the planet, Cumaru naturally ages from a beautiful brown to silvery-grey over time. Supporting each hammock is zinc-plated steel hanging hardware, providing style and worry-free hang that allows you to lay back and relax on your hammock without a care in the world. Each Bevel Lagoon Tufted Hammock can support can support up to two people and comes with a matching hammock pillow for maximum relaxation.

The O-rings, chains, and tree hooks are zinc plated steel. We needed to have the strength of steel and a corrosion barrier for our hardware to be safe and withstand the elements of the weather.

Seam Stitching
Bobbins are used in our quilting machine for a lockstitch of polyester thread. There are many different types of stitching yet we use lockstitch because of the tenacity and strength it adds to the stitch. This is a very important part to the bed of the fabric hammocks. Polyester thread is important for the outdoors as the threads will hold up to the elements.

These materials have been carefully chosen for our products and are the best on the market. We, unlike others, find the best to make the best. We are thrilled to be the leading USA hammock manufacturer, which allows us to offer you the top of the line hammocks.

So what are you waiting for? Turn your backyard into a calming, relaxing oasis.


Specifications and Rating - Hatteras Hammock Large Tufted Hammock- Integrated Pewter
Hanging Distance 13-16 ft.
Origin USA
Hanging Height 4ft
Bed Length 6ft 6in
Color Intergrated Pewter
Mateiral Sunbrella
Length 13ft
Width 55in
Hardware Zinc Plated Steel
Weight Capacity 450 lbs

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 57 × 12 × 6 in


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