Hatteras Deluxe DuraCord Hammock- Green

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  • USA Made
  • Hardware is included and made of Zinc Plated Steel
  • Can easily hold 1-2 people comfortably
  • DuraCord rope is super comfortable and made for colorfastness
  • Nice outdoor hammock to keep by the pool!
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Ask a hammock lover how it’s hangin’, and you can pretty well count upon the answer: It’d sure be a whole lot better if I was hangin’ in my hammock! To which we say: Well, yeah! Because hammock hang-time is some of the best time you can hope to find.

In football, hang-time is how long that prized pigskin stays airborne after a punt. In the world of wine, it’s that length of time ripening fruit is left to linger on the vine. But with a hammock, hang-time is not so much about how long as it is about how good. It’s got everything to do with that sweet sense of freedom when life suddenly ceases rushing by and seems instead just suspended there, perfectly in place. And there you are, firmly in the moment, hangin’ happy, feelin’ fine!

In an expertly made DuraCord rope hammock, weather-tough and cottony-soft, the hang-time is often utterly sublime.

So the only question now: How’s it hanging with you?


Specifications and Rating - Hatteras Deluxe DuraCord Hammock- Green
Hanging Height 13-16ft
Bed Length 6ft 10in
Color Green
Material Duracord
Length 13ft
Width 60in
Rope 3ply (8mm)
Origin USA
Hardware Zinc Plated Steel
Weight Capacity 450lbs

Additional information

Weight 21 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 6 × 6 in


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